Edie Falco Urges You to Reject Vito Bruno

Aligned With Anti-Semites

Vito Bruno wants to represent our community but he goes door-to-door through our neighborhoods campaigning with a vile anti-Semite who believes “Hitler was right.” One of Bruno’s biggest supporters uses social media to praise a vicious muderer like Hitler and has even gone as far as posting a swastika on Twitter. Anti-Semitism has no place in Southern Brooklyn and certainly has no place in our state government.


Vito Bruno ran some of the most dangerous hangouts in the history of New York City, where violence was everywhere and neighborhoods had their quality of life ruined. According to a New York Times report, the FBI launched an investigation into business owners who were giving money to police officers so they wouldn’t get busted for illegal activity. Vito Bruno bragged in that article that he himself used to give cash to the local cops.


The opioid epidemic is destroying Southern Brooklyn families. Elected officials should be part of the solution, not the problem. Yet Vito Bruno himself brags about his time running illegal parties and scoring drugs, including cocaine, for important customers. According to the Daily News, the NYPD made as many as ten arrests a night for drug dealing and “that drug sales were so rampant that Bruno would have to have been aware of it.” Stabbings and gun violence were so common that Bruno himself said that any night without a shooting was a good one.

“If we’d go through a night and no one got shot, that was a success”

- Vito Bruno, SPIN MAGAZINE - Vol. 3, No. 6 [ 1987 ]

“Book Interview Notes Claim that Vito Bruno Said He Would Get Drugs for John Belushi saying, “We got two grams of coke and two black beauties for him [that night].”

- Vito Bruno, “Wired: The Short Life & Fast Times of John Belushi” [ Pocket Publishing - 1984 ]


How can we trust Vito Bruno with our hard-earned taxpayer dollars when he doesn’t even pay his own taxes? An investigation into Bruno’s numerous businesses show that he stiffed New York City and State thousands upon thousands of dollars in unpaid taxes in the past. It’s so bad that warrants were issued and liens were placed on his income.

SOURCES: LEXIS / NYS Department of Records / Kings County Courts / New York City Department of Finance


Vito Bruno is endorsed by the Conservative Party, an extreme organization that has rejected common-sense gun safety legislation and would make it easier for dangerous criminals to have access to firearms.

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